Our Initiatives

In our dedication to support small businesses, we purchase all of our art supplies from locally owned art stores.

We proudly select canvases that are handmade in Canada! We also ensure they are acid-free to reduce the chance of yellowing in the future.

The Duo

B. Joyce – Artist, Partner

Birol Joyce

Joyce has been involved in the arts community since she was a teenager. She continued her education in visual arts until she decided to launch her own interior design business, which has been successful for over 20 years, servicing clients across the Greater Toronto Area. Now, with the help of her daughter, she is prioritizing her passion for painting by selling her creative works and offering the option for commissioned pieces.

“I can’t put into words the excitement and anticipation I get when I start a new painting.”

April J. – Partner

April grew up admiring her mother’s artistic talent and dreamed of working with her one day. After completing her degree in social sciences, she worked in various administrative positions. Now, utilizing her education and work experience, her childhood dream has become a reality.

“I’m passionate about supporting local artists, small businesses, and buying Canadian!”